An idea that cannot be realized
is not idea at all.

The term production has a very broad meaning.
In our case, the ideas we create in our heads and then on screen
are realized in 100% of cases.

Offset Print

If you have demanding products, we recommend our partners who have more than 30 years of experience in the offset printing process.

All materials must pass a file verification process, ISO 12647 proofing, before printing.

We offer to you:

  • High-end offset printing technology
  • Top quality and large capacity
  • Printing with conventional colours on non-absorbent surfaces and with hybrid colours
  • Applying single-layer aqueous and UV coatings
  • Off-machine single-layer coating on paper and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Hot stamping and embossing
  • Using a wide range of paper and cardboard

Technological level of equipment:
Printing machines: 12, equipped CIP4 Link • Capacity 15.000 sheets/h
5+0 • Capacity 18.000 sheet/h) • Die cutting machines: 4 • Debossing and hot stamping machine: 1

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In the last few years, digital printing has occupied a high position in the market due to its flexibility, cost rationalization and, above all, customer needs. The range of final products that we can do for you is of any kind for your company: branding, outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, branding vehicles, event fitting, etc.


In addition to large format digital printing, as of 2018, we also offer our customers digital printing of high quality color consumables for corporate use. Whether it’s invoices, contracts, warranties, or other advertising material, the print capacity per month is 500,000 copies that we can usefully produce. We use the latest printing technology for business users on HP PAGE WIDE devices, delivering vibrant colors with great precision and flexibility in digital printing.

HP PAGE WIDE technology uses inks, making the material environmentally friendly to use, in addition to the very low cost of printing, which will surely satisfy you.

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Custom Products

The products we produce according to the specific requirements of each client are not limited by the types of materials or quantities, but by the requirements of the clients in creating their brand identity.

Our partners are specialized in tailor made products for use in HoReCa and retail channels, as well as for special branding of space.

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Offset Printing
Digital Printing
POS/POP materials


In recent years, thanks to technology, the production of advertising materials has evolved to a level of personalization. The impact of technology was reflected in the manner and type of production.